Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers below to the most frequently asked questions about Easyfieds.

General FAQs

Watch the below video for answers to some of the common questions.

Location Detection

Easyfieds also allows for users to search or filter items near their locations. For this purpose we used Google Geodetection API. Watch the below video for more details.

How to Change Currency Symbol?

You can easily change which Currency Symbol you want to display along the prices in your site. Just change the value of CurrencySymbol from Configurations page in Admin Dashboard. You can also change how your currency symbol is displayed accross the site. For example you can specify your price format like 12$ or $12 or $ 12. To do this change the value of PriceCurrencyPosition in Configurations. This configuration will set price and currency relation accross the website. {price} will be replaced with the price value and {currency} will be replaced by configured currency symbol.

How to Configure Email Notifications?

Easyfieds sends out email notifications when a user registers new account, tries forget password functionality and on other related occasions. We used ElasticEmail API for emails so you need to only add ElasticEmail API Key in Configurations for these emails to work.